Personomic Bike Grips

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With your own pair of custom-made bicycle handles, you'll get the maximum level of ergonomics on your bike. Through the custom fitting, your hands will feel more comfortable than ever, and even on long tours, your riding pleasure will no longer be clouded by numb or tingling fingers.

The high-quality silicone grip material provides you with optimal cushioning and prevents the grips from becoming sticky and wearing out quickly. As a result, you'll enjoy your grips for many years to come.

Color: Black
Lock Ring: Black
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Twist shifter

Unfortunately, we can not yet offer shortened grips for twist shifters.
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100% comfort


The custom fit ensures optimal pressure distribution and the palm rest prevents the wrist from buckling.

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No stickiness

Compared to rubber grips, silicone does not contain plasticizers and is therefore guaranteed not to become sticky.

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Your own design

Whether you prefer them to be in a classic black or brightly colored, you decide how your grips will look.

Made in Germany

As a spin-off of the University of Stuttgart, we remain true to our roots and produce to 100% in Germany.

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Grip: Silicone
Core: glass fiber reinforced plastic
Lock ring: aluminum


Length: 130 mm
Inner diameter: 22.2 mm
Weight: 170 - 220 g (depending on the size of the hand)

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