Become a retailer

At Personomic, we're committed to helping you provide the best cycling experience to your customers. That's why we've created a custom bike grip that offers a perfect fit and better ergonomics, all while seamlessly fitting the design of any bike. We're excited to partner with you to bring our bike grips to your store!

Your advantages with Personomic Bike Grips

Higher customer satisfaction

You offer your customers a unique buying experience with the hand scan and the possibility to design their grips. The 30-day return guarantee gives your customers maximum security.

Attractive margins

Profit from attractive margins for a highly innovative product that is 100% produced in Germany.

No pre-orders

As a dealer there is no need for pre-orders because the grips will be produced only upon ordering them, hence there will be no financing costs or storage costs. The dealer will receive payment from the customer right away.

Higher customer frequency

The bike grips will arrive within three weeks of ordering them. The customer can pick them up at the dealership where additional sales can be made.

Sales display with scanning station

You can buy a high-quality sales display with bike grip samples as well as color and texture samples for your store, so your customers can get a preview of what their own grips will look like. It also serves as a scanning station for your customers' hand scans.

The display can be hung on a slatwall or set up according to your needs.

Exclusive testing offer for dealers

We're confident that once you try our bike grips, you'll want to offer them in your store. That's why we're offering dealers the opportunity to buy a pair of test grips for a reduced price. Here are the details:

  • Black grips with no engraving: 29,99€
  • Grips with engraving and/or color: 39,98€

Contact Form

Please fill out the form below to get in touch with us and order a pair of test grips or receive more information regarding the sale of our products in your store.

Please note that we will verify the identity of the dealer before sending out a voucher code that can be used to order the test grips.