About us

Our Mission

At Personomic, we want to make cycling accessible and enjoyable to everyone. We combine the latest 3D-printing technology and our medical know-how to offer custom-made, ergonomic products at an attainable price. We want your experience to be hassle-free, that’s why you can place your order comfortably from your desk at home. Our bike grips are 100% Made in Germany from the concept to final product.

The founding team

We are an interdisciplinary team from the University Stuttgart and University Hohenheim.

Paul Eichinger

Product Development & Production

Paul is a passionate road cyclist and mechanical engineer. He is a tinkerer who has always been fascinated by optimizing the ergonomics of products.

Andreas Schulz

Marketing & Sales

Andreas is a sports addict and nature lover. If he is not out doing sports, he is most likely spending time in his garden.

Christian Renninger

Software & Design

Christian is a pianist and minimalist. He won the Product of the Day Award on Product Hunt as an Indie Dev with his app Swish.


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