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Custom-made, highly durable bicycle grips providing maximum comfort for your hands and preventing stickiness

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33% of cyclists experience hand discomfort

Enjoy long bike rides without a single thought about numb hands. Based on university research and accompanied by hand surgeons and physiotherapists, we have jointly developed a custom bike grip which prevents hand discomfort with affected cyclists.

Best bike grips of 2023

Many cyclists already trust in their own custom grips. Focus Mobility has crowned us as the best brand for bike grips. This is the result of the representative survey "Rund ums Rad 2023" (All about bikes).¹

This is how it works


Precise measurement of your hands

You can do this anywhere. All you need is your phone and a sheet of paper. We can measure your hand and recreate it digitally with just one photo.

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Customize your grips

You can design your grips according to your own preferences. Choose your favorite color and select the surface texture of your choice. You can even have the handles engraved, making your dream grips unique to you.

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Ride without discomfort at last

Whether you ride a touring bike or mountain bike, with your own pair of custom bike grips, long and short distances will simply be fun. By adapting the grips to your hands, they provide an optimum level of support. This prevents or reduces hand issues such as numb fingers.

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100% Silicone

Enjoy rides without any stickiness

Silicone does not contain any plasticizers and is therefore guaranteed not to become sticky. The grips are resistant to sweat, UV radiation and sunscreen. This makes them suitable for any adventure on your bike and more durable than bike grips made from rubber or cork.

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Customize your grips today and enjoy your most comfortable ride in a matter of weeks.

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